Introducing Zeplin + Azure DevOps

Product News
We're excited to officially announce that Zeplin now integrates with Azure DevOps, Microsoft's productivity platform for engineering teams. This integration brings Zeplin's philosophy for systematic design delivery to your engineering project management workflows in Azure.
Developers, PMs, and Product Owners spend a lot of time in Azure Boards, looking to pick up a story for an upcoming feature or understand what’s happening on a work item. With our integration, you can link Zeplin screens or sections to a story to see a preview of the design and how it should behave. This helps you stay focused and not waste time digging around for what you need.
Designers benefit too! You've told us you spend a couple hours a week uploading screenshots of each design, which become outdated anyway with new versions. Put this manual process to rest and move on to more meaningful work, like documenting behaviors and requirements in context.
screenshots of how Zeplin Azure DevOps integration works

How it works

To use Zeplin together with Azure Dev Ops, you’ll need to install the Zeplin extension for your organization. An Organization Owner or Project Collection Admin in Azure can do this for you, or contact your Admin for help.
Once installed, you can:
Search for and add screens directly to an ADO work item
See a preview of linked screens that automatically updates with new versions
Jump directly to a specific screen or screen section in Zeplin
→ This extension is available on Organization (up to 1 project) and Enterprise (unlimited projects) plans.

Why we built it

Today's engineering teams are moving faster, with a more diversified toolset than ever. Azure DevOps is for teams that operate at scale and use Microsoft's platform for reliability, security, and access to Microsoft’s full enterprise suite of products.
Since our inception, we have deeply cared about and prioritized the developer experience. We built the industry's first two-way, live integration with Jira to show developers design previews on a ticket, and surface native Jira information — like ticket number and status — inside of Zeplin. With this release, we’ve built the groundwork to deliver the same designer-developer collaboration benefits to teams using Azure DevOps.
No matter what tool the original designs are created in, you'll always find your way around Zeplin — with fewer interruptions, clarifications, or rework.
Let us know what you think or want to see next for Azure workflows on Zeplin’s Discord community.
Until next time,