New Zeplin, new plans — Free full-feature access and project plans with unlimited seats

Product News
There’s been a growing problem in our space. Designers, developers, and product teams want to build high-quality products faster but don’t always have access to the right tools to achieve that — whether due to high cost, feature paywalls, or complicated user permissions.
Today, we're making a significant change at Zeplin to solve this. We’re rolling out Zeplin’s Summer Breeze release, with brand new plans and changes in our product to match how teams work — no matter your size, structure, or budget.
We designed these new plans around a simple core belief: the tools to build beautiful products should be accessible to all product creators, from individual freelancers to the largest of enterprises.
Here’s how they’re made for how you work:

All core features available across all plans — even Free

Some of Zeplin’s features were only available in higher tier plans, limiting both the user and team benefits of using our entire workflow capabilities. Not anymore.
We’ve enhanced our Free plan by removing user limits and adding all of the core features you need for flawless design delivery. 💥
That means on top of what was already in Free (specs, code snippets, optimized assets, global search, comments, screen version history, and more), you can now access Zeplin’s most powerful features with as many team members as you want for 1 project and up to 100 screens— including:
Version Diff, for comparing precise screen versions
Annotations that all teammates have access to
Flows to communicate complete user journeys (no longer limited to 10 screens)
Approvals for more straightforward stakeholder review and alignment
Jira and Azure DevOps Integrations for real-time updates for development
VS Code extension for quick access to designs in your code editor
Start your free plan now and invite as many collaborators as you want. 🤝

Zeplin for Personal and Small Teams

Projects can quickly grow beyond 100 screens, but for some teams, that doesn’t mean they need to scale their processes across multiple projects or teams. Some individuals and small teams only work on distinct, one-time project sprints that have an end date. And especially in this market, many teams need separation in their work to safely coordinate with external contractors and collaborators.
Introducing Zeplin’s new per-project Basic plan. 🌟
With our per-project Basic plans, you can purchase a single project or a pack of multiple projects and get unlimited seats for each project. This gives you the flexibility to pay strictly for what you need at a small scale and grant access to each individual project separately to whoever needs it.
Overview of Zeplin's new per-project basic plan

Here’s what you’ll love about our new Basic plan:

Unlimited users per project. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited seats for internal and external collaborators — including developers — for an unlimited number of screens.
One flat monthly rate. Lose the hassle of managing per-seat costs and permissions, and only pay for access during the months you need, making budget planning and client invoicing a Breeze.
Separate projects for separate teams. Avoid mixing unrelated work across distinct clients or assignments so your work is never unintentionally shared.
Faster alignment and approvals with external collaborators. Gain a dedicated space for clear and actionable async coordination with external devs and contributors.
Full-feature design-to-dev workflows. Get an affordable yet full-featured design-to-dev handoff solution specifically created for project-based and time-bound engagements.

Zeplin for Businesses and Organizations

Zeplin’s Business and Organization plans offer the most feature-rich design delivery platform at the best per seat value, and it’s ideal for teams shipping many related projects and products together.
Zeplin is your central hub for design-to-development workflows — giving you increased visibility and alignment on design systems, annotations, user flows, and all in-flight projects (organized by status, assignee, and more) across the entire organization. This leads to reduced design debt, less costly rework, and higher product quality at scale.
Overview of Zeplin's Organization and Enterprise Plan
Get everything your organization needs — including advanced security (e.g. SSO, MFA, SCIM), workspace and user permission controls, forever version history and activity logs, and priority support with 24 hour SLA and CSM training and enablement.
If your team is looking to drive design-to-dev efficiency and quality with security, support, administration, and budget controls, explore our Business and Organization plans, or contact us. 🔐

A brand new look to welcome you to Zeplin

Zeplin has been a loved platform for millions of designers, developers, and product team members within incredible organizations for over nine years now. So much has evolved during that time — our industry, our teams, and even our product — that we felt like it was the perfect time to also evolve our UI.
If you’re new to Zeplin, starting today, you’ll be stepping into a completely redesigned app alongside our millions of long-time users.
This redesign represents a modern and fresher look, but it also means faster workflows than ever before — learn more about the ins and outs of our redesign approach. 🏖️
We’re so excited for you to experience the latest Zeplin release and build beautiful products with us.
Ping us with any questions, or join an upcoming Zeplin group demo — you’ll see the product in action with our product experts who’d be happy to show you around.
🧡 Pelin