Introducing Zeplin Agency Members

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Recently we released a blog post helping you get more out of Zeplin while collaborating remotely. It’s now been almost two months working in this new way for the Zeplin crew, and we’ve been inspired by how many digital agencies are continuing to deliver beautiful customer experiences even in these challenging times in a world where everyone is working apart.
These agencies really do showcase what we call a connected product team, ensuring that the workflow is seamless between Product Management, Design and Development — regardless of timezone and location, with tight communication and transparency.
As more and more of our users are requesting assistance they frequently ask, “who are the experts?”. Today, we’re excited to introduce our community of Zeplin Agency Members to help!

Interconnecting talent is key to delivering best in class interfaces; Zeplin has been great at bringing a common language that is easily understood by everyone within the team regardless of their area of expertise.

Miguel Alvarez,
Global CTO at AnalogFolk

Find a digital agency to work with

If you need to find the right agency for you, whether it’s strategy, an awesome app, a design system or even coaching, our ZAMs can help.
ZAM -  Zeplin Agency Members
Check out our brand new ZAM page to learn more about all our founding agencies, and find the right digital agency for your project, based on your location and the services they provide:

Provide the best experience for your clients as a digital agency

Since day one, we’ve been working closely with digital agencies, always looking for ways to make your workflow and collaboration with clients seamless.
Agencies that belong to the Zeplin Agency Membership program can benefit from new ways of working with their clients like free ZAM subscriptions, along with showcasing your work to over 3 million users worldwide. Let’s work together to create the best connected product team experiences!

Zeplin has really helped us to work smarter and faster with our clients across projects of all shapes and sizes. It’s an awesome product for design at scale.

Vinny Hayes,
Chief Commercial Officer at Somo
If you’re interested in learning more, contact us at or submit your application today — our Agency Success crew will get back to you.
No matter if you are working in an agency or you are looking for an agency to work with, we’re excited to introduce Zeplin Agency Membership. Reach out to us at if you have any questions or suggestions.
Keep safe, and welcome to ZAM!