Harmony 2023: New speakers, new sessions, and a brand new awards program

Design Delivery
Last year Zeplin launched our first-ever user summit, Harmony. We brought together designers, developers, and product teams from Washington Post, Disney, and Atlassian to share their experiences on topics like design to development workflows, future-proofing design systems, scaling design teams, and more.
We’re so excited to bring Harmony back again this year on March 7, 2023! This year, we will be streaming the event twice, so whether you’re tuning in from San Francisco or from London, you can catch us at 9:30am your time.
With our second annual user summit also comes a brand new awards program: The Harmony Awards. These awards will celebrate and honor the most impactful digital experiences built with the help of Zeplin.
With over 5 million users and over 30,000 teams from some of the most prestigious companies in the world, we called on our users to nominate their projects. We were overwhelmed by the response. Truly, you’ve done some incredible work! 👏
Here are a few impactful products, teams, and projects that especially impressed our judges:
a brand new, award-winning mobile app that rapidly doubled users in just five days
a team that collaborated effectively in Zeplin to deliver a multi-platform finance app in half the estimated time and saved over $12,000
a new design system of more than 2,000 components across 200,000 interfaces and 1,500 tech stacks
With so many compelling stories, it was tough choosing winners! Be sure to register now and tune in on March 7 to see who won.