Zeplin API, Round 2 — Webhooks

Product News

Build custom workflows, connect Zeplin to more products, create more capable Zeplin apps

Earlier this year, we announced Zeplin API: a new way to access your data in Zeplin. Using the API, thousands of teams developed a wide set of solutions ranging from internal scripts to full-blown apps.
Today, we’re very excited to introduce the next chapter, Webhooks.

What can you do with webhooks?

Using the REST API, it was possible to query your data in Zeplin anytime. However, it wasn’t possible to get notified once the data changes — this is where webhooks come in:

Build custom workflows

Webhooks let you build custom workflows to boost your team’s productivity. Since you can get notified of changes in Zeplin, you can take various actions based on these changes.
Here are a few examples to get the juices flowing:
Add note with keyword → Create Jira issue
Export new icon → Open pull request adding icon to repo
Change project status to “Released” → Order champagne

Connect Zeplin to more products

Webhooks also make it easier to connect Zeplin to all the other apps out there. In fact, we developed our Slack integration using a private webhooks implementation (years ago). Now it’s possible for you to build similar integrations with any other product.
In fact, we’re working on a Microsoft Teams integration as we speak — a good opportunity for us to test webhooks! Leave your email if you’re using Teams and we’ll keep you updated.

Create more capable Zeplin apps

Zeplin apps can now create webhooks on behalf of users as well. This enables apps to provide a lot more functionality based on their use case.
There are currently a few Zeplin mobile apps out there for iOS and Android — huge thanks to the developer community! To give you an example, these apps could now send you a push notification when you’re mentioned in a note.

Get started

Webhooks are now available to all our users. Read our API documentation to get started:
If you have any questions or suggestions, join our Slack community or contact us at dx@zeplin.io — we’d love to help.
We can’t wait to see what you all have in store!