Stay in the loop with the Microsoft Teams integration

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Keep your team up-to-date with design changes and conversations happening in Zeplin

Thousands of product teams collaborate in Zeplin every day. However, we’re aware that Zeplin is not the only place where they collaborate. This is why we want to leverage your investments in other tools through deep integrations.
Back in 2015, tightly integrating Zeplin with Slack was one of the first things we worked on. How does it help? Designer publishes a new design to Zeplin, the team is automatically notified. Developer raises a question, the team is automatically notified. Designer publishes a change to the design, the team is automatically notified.
Currently, Zeplin and Slack are a foundational combo for thousands of teams. Today, we’re super excited to bring the same experience to Microsoft Teams.
Here’s the icing on the cake: The integration is built purely with the Zeplin API and it’s open source!

How can the integration help?

Microsoft Teams integration keeps your team up-to-date with the changes happening in Zeplin. You can now connect Microsoft Teams channels to related Zeplin projects. You can also pick and choose the type of notifications flowing from Zeplin to Microsoft Teams. Let’s look at a few common examples:

Get notified of design changes

Designers frequently iterate on designs. When ready to share with the team, they publish their work to Zeplin. With the integration, once a design is published to Zeplin, the rest of the team will be automatically notified in the Microsoft Teams channel.
Zeplin and Microsoft Teams
Not only do you get a preview of the design, you also see the commit message where the designer describes the change. You can quickly open the design in Zeplin as well, either in the desktop app or the Web app, and start working.

Follow the conversation happening in Zeplin

In addition, Zeplin is the place where teams communicate over designs. You can add notes to a specific area of a design to ask questions, suggest changes, and so on. As these conversations are happening in Zeplin, you can keep the rest of the team up-to-date using the integration.
Zeplin and Microsoft Teams 2

…and more

Apart from these examples, you can track changes for components, colors, text styles, and spacing tokens as well.

Get started

You can set up the integration in a matter of seconds. Get started by adding Zeplin to Microsoft Teams. Zeplin connector in Microsoft Teams will guide you to select a channel and connect it to a Zeplin project or a styleguide.
Alternatively, you can also go to a Microsoft Teams channel, select “Connectors” from the menu on the top right and search for Zeplin.

Built with the Zeplin API

We recently released the Zeplin API and Webhooks, enabling you to build custom workflows that support your specific needs.
We like to “eat our own dog food” in Zeplin, using (and therefore testing) our features actively. Similarly, we want our developer community to be delighted by our API, so it was on us to try it in a real product, and here we are. Microsoft Teams integration is open-source and built on top of the Zeplin API and Webhooks.
Head over to the GitHub repo to learn more, create an issue to let us know what’s missing, or open a pull request to help us build the next iteration:

What’s next?

We’re working on one more feature that’ll help your team stay in the loop! During our conversations with our users, we’ve noticed that notifications in Zeplin can be overwhelming as you work on more and more projects with more and more people.
We’re currently working on improving the notifications experience to help you track notes and other updates in Zeplin. Follow us on Twitter for updates and reach out to us at if you want to share your feedback about notifications in Zeplin.
We can’t wait to see you all in Microsoft Teams! Ping us at for any feedback or questions.