Inside Zeplin’s powered-up Storybook integration

Product News
Design handoff is supposed to be simple, but most of the time it isn't.
Yann Braga is a Senior Frontend Engineer at Chromatic & Storybook Maintainer. Like many developers, he aspires for a “full circle” state where Storybook integrates the design and the design integrates Storybook.
Join Yann as he takes Zeplin's two newest product updates for a spin, walking through how to highlight reusable components in a design and how to connect a Storybook library to Zeplin Styleguides. Check out his video below to see how and get started with Zeplin's Storybook integration today.
With these new upgrades, development teams can:
maintain a stronger connection between design and code
improve communication
avoid rework
better estimate the time required for work

"With this two-way integration with Zeplin, both the non-technical and technical user can take advantage of each other’s work."