Explore Zeplin’s latest API updates

Product News
We’ve added some cool features to the Zeplin API over the past months aimed at helping teams build custom workflows and making the Zeplin API even easier to use. Read on to learn more!

JavaScript SDK

We’re super happy to announce the very first SDK for the Zeplin API. Now, you can use the Zeplin API on both Node.js and browser platforms through the JavaScript interface.
Also, the SDK is built using TypeScript, so you have all the benefits of TypeScript such as type definitions for API requests/responses, object models etc.
Check out this repository to learn more and get started with it.

OpenAPI Specification

We’ve been using the OpenAPI 3.0 specification since the first days of Zeplin API. It’s been helping us collaborate on API design, ensure consistency in the API, generate interactive documentation and more. Even the JavaScript SDK is built using OpenAPI Generator with some customization on top.
Starting now, OpenAPI descriptions for the Zeplin API are public!

Publish API

Many teams have already been using Zeplin to collaborate during the early stages of product development for brainstorming, ideation and research. They collect their research findings, blueprints and hand-drawn sketches in Zeplin projects. Previously, you could import such visuals through the Zeplin apps only.
With the brand new Publish API endpoints, you can build your custom integrations to add any PNG and JPEG files to Zeplin projects.
We’re also working toward launching Zeplin’s browser extension that we’re building with the Publish API. The browser extension will allow you to capture screenshots of any webpages and save them to your Zeplin projects.

Design Tokens API

Zeplin now allows you to export design tokens (colors, text styles, spacing) in styleguides into a JSON format. Teams have been using Design Tokens endpoints to propagate changes in their design system to their codebase in an automated way.

Team Management API

The ability to manage members in Zeplin workspaces is a frequently requested feature for the Zeplin API. Ensuring that everyone who needs it has access to a Zeplin workspace can be time consuming — and maintaining members can be especially tedious for large teams.
Using the Team Management API, you can now automate this process to sync any changes in your team’s people directory to your Zeplin workspace. Quickly add new members, remove or update the existing members of your workspace.
We'd love to hear what you’re building and your feedback. We’re always happy to lend you a hand if there’s anything we can help with. Feel free to email us at dx@zeplin.io.
You can also find us in the Zeplin Developer Slack Group.