Employee Spotlight: Meet Zeplin’s Internal Transfers

Life at Zeplin
At Zeplin, our crew is really important to us. We encourage learning and trying something new, so we’re always on the lookout for opportunities for our crew to grow and develop. We recognize and celebrate crew members who have gone through an internal transfer and brought their skills to a different area of Zeplin. By doing so, we hope to inspire others to take on new opportunities for learning and embrace growth too. 🤗
We met with Hande Alaçamlı, who went from Support Engineer to Data Analyst, and Patrick Suzuki, who went from Customer Success and Sales to Product Management, to learn about their growth, challenges, and day-to-day life in their new roles.

What is your background? What role did you start in, and what are you doing now?

Hande: My background is in technical client management and data analysis. I joined Zeplin as a Support Engineer, where I spent two years assisting users with technical and non-technical issues and providing solutions. But my passion for data and product metrics led me to explore data analysis further. I took the initiative to work on metrics and reports for the support and product crew, which led to my transition to Data Analyst. Now I utilize Python, SQL, data analysis, and data visualization skills to analyze and interpret data sets, solve problems, and provide actionable insights to drive decision-making processes.
Patrick: Before joining Zeplin, my background was in Customer Success and Sales, primarily focused on the developer audience. I was Zeplin’s first Customer Success and Sales hire and helped define this new function. I transitioned to a Product Manager over two years ago, and now I am focused on building a new product called omlet.dev.

Why did you join Zeplin? How long have you been at Zeplin?

Hande: Zeplin is my dream company – they put a lot of value in their users and crew. Zeplin's innovative approach to design collaboration and communication interested me — the product offers unique solutions that allow designers and developers to work more efficiently together. It excited me to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment that values creativity. I'm in my third year at Zeplin, gaining valuable experience in technical support, improving my problem-solving skills, and deepening my understanding of design workflows.
Patrick: I joined Zeplin in October of 2018 — it's been over four years now. Most of my career was in a startup environment. I enjoy seeing how my work actually drives impact for the overall company and having the opportunity to work on aspects not always directly related to my role. When I learned about the opportunity at Zeplin, I was working at a bigger company (Microsoft) that I happened to join through an acquisition. I was feeling the itch to go back to a startup environment. Speaking to folks at Zeplin, I felt their strong focus on users and also their warm culture, which is what sold me.

How did you handle the transition into your new position?

Hande: With enthusiasm and a growth mindset. I recognized that while the two roles shared some similarities around product knowledge, there would be new challenges and learning opportunities to embrace. I took time to understand the expectations and requirements of my new role, and I asked my new crew a lot of questions. I received a lot of support from leadership too, especially Pelin (Co-Founder), Kalpana (SVP of Product Development), and Didem (Head of Support), who encouraged my transition. Adapting to new responsibilities and workflows required openness, a willingness to learn, and a proactive approach.
Patrick: It's been a big adjustment, but I also like to work on new things, so starting a completely different role was exciting. I also joined a small but very strong product crew that has supported me along the way in areas that I might not be as familiar with.

What is one thing about your work that you are most proud of?

Hande: My ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex technical issues for our users. I consistently receive positive feedback from users and colleagues for my ability to diagnose problems accurately and provide timely solutions. Being able to assist users in overcoming technical hurdles and seeing their satisfaction and gratitude is incredible.
Patrick: I've had the amazing opportunity to build a new product called omlet.dev from its initial idea all the way to beta so far, and that's been a challenging but amazing experience. It's great to see actual product teams using your product to solve their challenges.

What aspects of your job are most rewarding?

Hande: I love working with data, uncovering insights, and providing meaningful interpretations. I also love the collaborative nature of my role. As a data analyst, I can work closely with cross-functional crews, including product managers, developers, and stakeholders. Collaborating, understanding their data needs, and delivering insights that support their decision-making processes is rewarding, as well as contributing to the company's success and seeing the impact of data-driven decisions.
Patrick: I love learning something surprising about what a user is doing in the product, understanding their workflows and the challenges they experience, and hearing users express their excitement about our product.

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